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Rocksmith Song crash when sections > phrases?


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Was working on a song and I noticed something odd:


Had a song with 13 sections.  DDC generated just fine, but song would crash in Rocksmith.


Looking at the DDC output, I noticed it only had 12 phrases generated (it's a fairly repetitive song).


When I deleted 2 of the sections from EOF and repacked, it worked (it now had fewer sections).


Is this a bug with DDC or Rocksmith?

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If the first section is empty (no note and no chord inside) for an arrangement the song may crash in the RR. So DDC deletes this section or moves its starting phrase automatically to avoid the crash.


I am interested by your original psarc file to investigate this problem.


Can you share it please ?

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I know the song starts right off with a chord - I even tried narrowing it down to a specific arr (bass, in my case) - tried different phrase lengths... the one thing that fixed it was reducing the number of sections.


in the mean time, here's the list of sections: 


   <sections count="18">
        <section name="intro" number="1" startTime="3.352"/>
        <section name="solo" number="1" startTime="16.223"/>
        <section name="transition" number="1" startTime="41.536"/>
        <section name="verse" number="1" startTime="52.568"/>
        <section name="chorus" number="1" startTime="75.555"/>
        <section name="verse" number="2" startTime="87.815"/>
        <section name="chorus" number="2" startTime="99.354"/>
        <section name="preverse" number="1" startTime="111.635"/>
        <section name="verse" number="3" startTime="122.954"/>
        <section name="riff" number="1" startTime="145.591"/>
        <section name="solo" number="2" startTime="167.177"/>
        <section name="solo" number="3" startTime="189.395"/>
        <section name="verse" number="4" startTime="200.638"/>
        <section name="chorus" number="3" startTime="211.733"/>
        <section name="riff" number="2" startTime="234.846"/>
        <section name="solo" number="4" startTime="257.155"/>
        <section name="outro" number="1" startTime="279.335"/>
        <section name="noguitar" number="1" startTime="303.420"/>
it worked after I removed the transition, preverse, solo @ 189.395 and the 2 riff sections
I'll have to recreate the CDLC, but will post the link here when I get it built later today
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no... when I build it, I generally do the "max" build first, including all parts, DD w/phrase length=2, RR, tones, etc - if there's an issue, then I start removing things until it works - this is even before I try to play it :)  so I don't have any stored scores.

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