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Realtone Rocksmith Cable + Windows 10 update problems *SOLVED*



*****SOLVED***** For those with the new Windows 10 update make sure you've gone into the cable sound options, turned the levels up, changed the quality to DVD, but also when opening your sound options make sure 'allow desktop apps access to your microphone' is ENABLED. That did the fix.

So, my pc did a windows 10 update yesterday. I also believe steam updated but long before that and everything was fine.

Rocksmith boots up just fine. The music plays (so my speakers are working). My realtone cable is not working, or there's a setting that I'm missing...there is no sound coming out of my guitar.
I reinstalled the driver of the cable (my computer recognizes it). I changed it to DVD quality. I raised the levels to 100% on the mic/cable. I did an audio troubleshoot.
I've tried different guitars.
I have two cables, both of which were working before these updates. 
I tried different USB ports (I have 3). I tried different devices in the USB ports and those work fine.
Rocksmith loaded just fine and other steam games work. I verified the local files under Rocksmith 2014.

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A little while back, Windows 10 pushed an update that messed up the way my USB ports see the real tone cable for whatever reason.  No matter what I did, what settings I changed in the BIOS or Windows, nothing worked.  In the end, I used my USB to USB-C adapter that came with my Galaxy S9 phone and plugged it into the USB-C port directly into the motherboard and it worked instantly.


It has to have something to do with the amount of power the USB 3.0 and lower ports are putting out.  Oddly enough when I plug my external 1TB drive that requires full USB power, it works just fine.  For some reason, Windows 10 does not like this real tone cable on my current setup.  It works fine on my laptop on the USB 3.0 port.  


I have read that people try buying a powered USB 3.0 hub and it works for them too when they don't have a USB-C port or adapter.  I remember my device manager showing the Rocksmith driver as "ocksmith" or something else spelled wrong.  As USB-C, it shows normally now.  Go figure.  It works.


Good luck.  

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