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Gryphons and guitars....

Kimono Gryphon

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*Hellos to all with a friendly wave. Using sign language. *


Greets everyone, this is Kimono Gryphon, a brand new player in Rocksmith (Xbox1s sadly... ) and have joined here to this forum after seeing a story on your site, and I have to compliment everyone for their hard work in making songs 'we' as guitarists to enjoy what is not available on the RS standard or the Remastered edition.


A little about me, I'm married to a southern belle blonde wife, with a 14 year old daughter, however I am retired / disabled from truck driving suffering from vertigo and moderate hearing loss. (Hence the sign language, I can still hear, but not well enough....)


Upon seeing some Rocksmith videos, my wife decided to get me RS Remastered for an early birthday gift, and a Jackson JS11 Dinky in white from Zzounds for only $149.00. (This made me a 'very' happy gryphon... ^~^ )


I'm now into Rs RM only about 5 days and already learning to play 'Gimme Shelter' rhythm track first. (Mind you I NEVER' picked up a guitar before now, amd I'm 51 years old. Never too old to learn I guess. )


I know I cannot use CustomForge yet, but I will be getting an Apple PC or laptop when my retirement starts, so that I would like to grab some songs then.


But for now, I'll ask each of you a simple questions... pleaae answer below....


What was your first guitar, and do you still play it? If not, will you trade up for your dream guitar when able to?


My first guitar is my Jackson JS11 Dinky in white, but I would 'love' to get a Steinberger, fretless 4 string bass, and a standard fretted matching 6 string guitar both in white.

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@@Kimono Gryphon sorry for the @ but people dont auto-follow their own posts on here for some reason lol


Nice to see new people getting into the rs. Hope you'll stick with it and have a ton of fun.


I started with rs1 on 360 playing all the nirvana songs over and over again. 'Till I realized all this custom song stuff existed on pc, then I got the pc version of RS 2014 and now I have no life.


My first guitar was my mums old 3/4 size one, idk the brand since its half worn off. I played rs for a while with it until realizing the note detection was rubbish. So I bought a proper one (same model but mines green) from the music shop up town when I left high-school.


I don't really play it anymore, since its not too comfortable but if it was a proper full-size one instead of a 3/4 one I would definitely play it more. I'd probably keep it in a different tuning or something.


"will you trade up for your dream guitar when able to?" I don't really have a dream guitar, I'll suck no matter what I play lol... but I do want to get an 8 string at some point so I can play the songs that are in F# standard/drop E

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Utsu-P Discography                                           Modding thread (dead)                                        1000 songs hype

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