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Go PlayAlong partnership

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We've partnered up with Go PlayAlong to give all of our users 10% off.
You can use our coupon CustomsForge10OFF at the link here: Visit Go PlayAlong


-------------------- text below by ZagatoZee --------------------


Some of you may be wondering "What Is Go PlayAlong?" (GPA)

Fair question.


It is a tool that is intended to synchronise guitar tab to music, then view it as "standard notation" or tab. It works well with Rocksmith-to-tab, and the one purchase is valid for PC and Mac.


But how may it be of interest to more people here? Creating CDLC.


If your Guitar Pro file is good enough - you can load the Guitar Pro into GPA and it will auto sync to the audio file. You can then export that saved synchronisation in a format that Editor On Fire can import.


Some people are great at manually setting the beat map for their Custom DLC creations. I am not one of those people. This tool can really help out those of us that are not.



This is an old and "out dated" tutorial now, but the fundamentals are the same - except for one key thing, you only need to enter manual sync mode if there is a problem, the Auto Sync should do the job in most cases - if the tab is accurate.




The steps about exporting from GPA and for import to EOF - are the same still.


Good luck, and as always, if you have hassles with anything, drop us a line on the forums or in our discord - http://discord.gg/cf - there is a #Creators channel in there and help is usually easy to find for someone trying to give CDLC creation a go.


Please note - you can Sync with the free version of GPA and come back to it for your own use later, but in order to export the sync'd data ready for use in EOF - you need the paid version of GPA.




Full Disclosure.


GPA is a paid application.

I bought it myself and I have been using GPA to make all my CDLC for the last 3 years. I occasionally communicate with the developer about feature requests or bug reports and he is willing to action these fairly quickly, if possible.


I approached the developer to ask if there was a way we could set up something that would be mutually beneficial.

He set us up with a link that allows CustomsForge to get a % of your purchase price given back to us to help with server costs.


By purchasing from our links, you get to help CF, get a really useful application - and if you like, save a few $$ too.


If you use coupon code "CustomsForge10OFF" at checkout, you save 10% over the usual GPA license fee.

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Is there anything already available that allows us to easily (i.e. virtually automatically) do a backward conversion of downloaded CDLC files from here and turn them into a plug and play format that works in go playalong?


Already synced tabs with music in an easy to use player is the holy grail for me. Rocksmith with the CDLC library has me covered for this, but I would really like to accomplish the same result with GPA since I use my own guitar tones rather than the ones in Rock Smith (and my wife gives me shit about playing a game rather than accepting it as a fantastic guitar training tool). I unfortunately don't have the time to do all of the syncing in GPA myself, and since all of the contributors here have already done that tedious work for Rock Smith it would be natural for all of us to be able to piggyback off of this work and use these files in other programs like GPA.

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