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Creating a 5 strings bass part based on Guitar E standard tuning


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We have figured out how to create a 5 strings bass part playable in Rocksmith 2014 but i had some problem in EOF to get everythings right.


My problem was that by using the Part Real_Bass or Part Real_Bass_22, when using 5 strings, the tuning standard is the actual 5 strings bass standard BEADG which seems logic, but it leads to some issue with what i was trying to do. So i was wandering if it was possible to set the standard tuning from which i set my own tuning, choose beetwen E standard from guitar of 5 strings bass standard and i wasn't able to figure out what standard was used for a 6 strings bass part.


And my second problem was that by using a guitar part as a bass part to used the E standard default, i was clearly using too many guitar arrangement for one EOF project, so i was wandering if it is possible to create more track for guitar because in RS we can actually max out to 4 guitar arrangement and having all of them in the same EOF project would be much more easier!


Overall it's more suggestion for EOF upgrade than real bug but having at least an answer about the standard tuning use for the 5 and 6 strings bass would be great!


Thank you.

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1. EOF doesn't store what octave each string is tuned to, so this isn't immediately doable. Both Rock Band and Rocksmith define tuning relative from standard, so that's the way it was designed. The octave generally doesn't matter for chord names (until you get into really high musical scale interval numbers), so you could always just override the tuning in the toolkit.


2. Some day EOF may be able to allow you to add as many tracks as you want, but it's not a priority for me at this time. For now, copy+pasting the project file, using the track erase and rename functions to empty out the tracks you're going to re-use and give them unique names (so the XML files in one project don't overwrite those from the other) is the easiest solution.

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