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Haven't Made a custom in awhile.. question..


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I haven't made a custom in over a year. I updated to the latest version of EoF and the latest hotfix for it.


Well I started the process as I remember it.


Open EoF, click on new, select the MP3 that I want to use.. select the bit rate I want it converted too... but then I get the window to select MP3, OGG.. etc etc pops up again after selecting the bit rate... what? So I select the MP3 AGAIN and then I get an error that it couldn't find guitar.ogg. Which I know of course is the audio file EoF uses for the backing track.. so i go into the folder and there is indeed no guitar.ogg file. It seems EoF is not creating the guitar.ogg file at all.


Is there something I am missing here?


I have been away for a long time, so.. this part of the creation process went pretty smooth back in the day.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I manually converted the MP3 into an ogg file myself and renamed the .ogg file guitar.ogg. However this doesn't really fix anything because I still can't edit or save anything because it EoF refuses to encode the .ogg file itself. Any help?

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The Error I get when trying to add leading silence to an Guitar.ogg I had to make myself...


Error opening file.

Make sure there are no unicode or extended ASCII characters in this Chart's File Path.


obviously there isn't.


Its just 'Guitar.ogg" as the file name.


Keep in mind I had to manually create guitar.ogg and that EoF did not actually make it which is the crux of the problem. As I stated above. So, I guess if I can't get this sorted out. I ain't gonna be making customs anymore I guess. Because if EoF can't create an .ogg file.. then it won't be able to encode all of this into a CDLC file. 

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First, make sure you're using the 2-20-2019 hotfix, as the one before that had some audio file handling problems.


Otherwise: What option are you picking for the location of the new chart? When I create a new project, select an MP3 and choose the source audio file's folder for the destination, it has me select a bitrate and then it creates an OGG as expected. If I instead opt to create a new folder, it creates a new folder named "[ARTIST] - [sONG TITLE]" in my configured song folder (defined with "File>Song folder"). If you have no song folder defined, it should default to EOF's program folder but then you can run into permissions or file name compatibility problems depending on where you've stored EOF, ie. if you put EOF within one of Windows's "Program Files" folders or if ANY folder in the path to the project folder includes any accented/Unicode characters.


That said, you could still create customs even if that didn't work because you could prepare the OGG file in Audacity or something. Only certain tools used by EOF have limitations with accented/Unicode characters in file paths.

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I accidently stumbled across the problem when I was trying to fix another problem... for some reason my CMD is crashing on my windows 10 PC. Which is the reason why EoF isn't automatically encoding the guitar.ogg. Trying to fix my CMD crashing now.

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Yeah something in the registry was borked and was causing the command prompt to run then immediately close. So it wasn't running the OGG encoder at all. Not sure how it ever got broken in the first place but I got it fixed after snooping around on the internet and found out it is a registry problem, cmd.exe was tagged as an autorun %comrun% and it screws with cmd. Its all a pain in the butt.

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