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Alternate sources for bass tabs?


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Hey folks, I’m out here still plugging away at try to learn how to make these (CDLCs) myself -- I’m confident I have at least a 10% chance of success, but then again, I’ve always been unrealistically optimistic -- and I am having a booger of a time locating bass tabs for a couple songs.  Murphy’s Law dictates that the only two songs I want to use as my “learning songs” aren’t in the usual tab sources.  It figures. 


I’ve looked on BigBassTabs, Ultimate-Tabs, Ultimate-Guitar, 911Tabs, Songsterr, and MusicNotes.  Does anyone know of other sources for bass tabs, especially any that can be used with the CDLC Creator?  I don’t know that the particular songs are relevant, but if so I’m trying to find the tabs for either Adam Ant’s “Room At The Top” or Billy Idol’s “Prodigal Blues”.  And again, I’m only looking for the bass tabs.  Thanks to all who can throw me some ideas on where else to look.


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Musescore might be useful but since its a sheet music site I'm not sure it will have any Adam Ant or Billy Idol.


Youtube is always worth a check since some people post tabs with their covers, but if there's no tabs you could always learn it off someones cover and make the tab yourself. Although if you're just staring out it might be a bit hard so maybe try some songs with tabs first if you cant find anything.


Sneaky edit


If you do decide to try and tab out the song yourself Transcribe is a really helpful program, you can loop sections, eq to remove everything but the bass and it has a note guess feature.

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You'll be much more accurate and have a greater sense of satisfaction if you work the notes out yourself. I got tired of correcting tabs from the sites you've already mentioned early on in my custom writing "career" and decided to create the GPro files myself. It might seem daunting at first, but you'll soon pick it up and learn a lot about music on the way. Your Billy Idol track would be a good one to learn with.


Check the Notation section on talkbass.com. There are some very good transcribers who post there, and you can request tracks too.

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Coldrampage and James, thanks for sharing your thoughts and advice.  I think I'll probably end up having to learn to make CDLCs with something I can find, rather than something I want.  *sigh*  Great advice from you both, but I don't have the knowledge/experience with music to make my own tabs by ear.  I've been doing Rocksmith for around a year and a half, but I'm still pretty much just playing the tabs by sight instead of cutting loose and playing by ear.  Perhaps in another year... :D 


Thanks again!

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