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Adorama Fender P-Bass, J-Bass, Strat $399 ea.


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So I am not affiliated with Adorama at all and make nothing off this. I am posting it because I was thrilled to find this deal (bought one myself) and thought my fellow Rocksmither's might enjoy knowing about this.


So these deals require you use the links below. The sale is encoded in the link. Fender won't allow them to advertise prices below MAP or Minimum Advertised Price. But they can offer sales below that, provided they don't advertise them. What that basically means is that if you do a search on their website the sale price will be much higher. But use their special link that they don't make public, and you save big.


The sale is for the items shown. You don't get to pick other colors, models, etc. 


I am also providing the link to where I found out about the deals (SlickDeals) below. Technically I found out about this on a forum called TalkBass, but SlickDeals is where that person found out about these deals.


Lets start with the Basses since that is what I play:


Fender Player P-Bass in 2-Color Sunburst (what I bought) $399: 



Fender Player J-Bass in 2-Color Sunburst$399:


They have a Mustang Bass in Sea Foam Green for $399 too but that is short scale and I am pretty sure those have note detection issues with Rocksmith. That can be found here: https://slickdeals.net/f/12411784-fender-limited-edition-mustang-bass-pj-electric-guitar-399-free-s-h?src=SiteSearchV2_SearchBarV2Algo


Now for the 6 Strings:


Fender Player Strat in 2-Color Sunburst $399: 


They have short scale duo sonics (beware of tone detection issues with short scales), and accoustic stuff. New stuff gets listed a couple times a week on SlickDeals. 

Here is a link that I bookmarked. I have it looking for Fender, at specific stores, and listed with the newest posts first. You can edit those settings and then bookmark it yourself:


Note: They have open box Fender American Stuff starting at $999. Too rich for my blood. But that is $500 below retail so it is worth mentioning.


Again, I swear I am not making anything off this. I just figured you would appreciate it. I know I was beyond stoked when I found out about this.



Here is what I ordered:


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Sweet deal on that P-Bass.... not sure if yours was a Mex Fender or Indonesia but damn for $399 that was a steal!  Now they only have $647 MX Fenders....


I can tell you that Rocksmith does NOT have an issue with shortscale bass.  I play a Ibanez GSRM shortscale and it works great (at least with E-stnd and Eb tunings..having tried lower tunings yet, and those MIGHT be an issue).

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