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CustomsForge October Volunteers!


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We're looking to add a few more staff members to our team. 

Please note we know that these positions are 100% volunteer.
If you're a student looking for a way to add something to your resume it has helped our staff in the past secure jobs. 
We understand that not all requirements can be met, but we're looking for interested candidates who want to help us and learn at the same time. We're also fully open for someone who already has all the experience and wants to help CustomsForge expand! :)
Web Developer Requirements: 
Must be fluent in bootstrap, laravel, jQuery, php, MySQL.          
Datatables knowledge is a MUST  
We're looking for another team member to add to our team.
We're currently working on the template for the new Ignition4 rewrite. We need someone fluent in bootstrap/JS. After that part is done you will be help combine the template and laravel together. We're close on starting phase 2 (working on backend and adding the template to laravel) we just need some extra hands to help!
Social Media Manager/Newsletter requirements: 
We're looking for an additional help maintaining our social presence and improving it overall. 
Experience using key social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Instagram)
Excellent consulting, writing, editing (photo/video/text), presentation and communication skills
Outgoing, enthusiastic and creative
Works well independently and as part of a team
We're looking for someone who is either pursuing a degree or already has one for Communications, Marketing, Business, New Media or Public Relations
Fluency in English
Job Responsibilities:
Coming up with new ways to interact and engage with the Rocksmith community.
Write up the monthly newsletter and engage with staff finding the best CDLC of the month, and also finding streamers to promote.
Running giveaways for DLC & Merch
Posting on Facebook & Twitter frequently.
Finding ways to improve our other social media presences (for example: YouTube) 
Server Admin requirements:
Able to manage multiple servers and provision new ones.
Experience installing, configuring and maintaining services such as Nginx, MySQL, PHP-FPM
Familiarity with load balancing, firewalls, etc.
Setup and maintain monitoring services to improve the server
Work on a migration plan to upgrade our servers
Familiarity with the fundamentals of Linux scripting languages
Improve security
Previous work experience over 3 years.
You can apply here:

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