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Cannot add notes to chart


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Yes in grid snap, please select a snap value to the smaller grid of the 1/24 style or lower still, this allows to insert notes between.

Also check that disable click and draw is not selected..

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You may have changed your input method and now the way to add/edit notes isn't what you expect. You can go into File>Preferences>Preferences and check to see if it's something besides the default value of "Classic" or whichever method you normally use.

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Sorry to revive an old topic, but I seem to be having the same issue again, and after following both suggested steps, I'm stumped. I just started a new project and already, I can't add notes to it. I've got the input method set to classic and my grid snap is set for 1/12. 


My preferences are indicated here.


I'm wondering if a fresh install would settle this issue. 

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What build are you using? Do you see the | line move around in the piano roll to reflect where the mouse is? Does clicking on a beat marker select it? In "Classic" input mode, you have to use number keys (1 through 6) to enable placement of a gem the next time you right click. Do you have any gems visible that move around with the mouse pointer in the piano roll?


In "Piano Roll" input mode, the gem that is placed only depends on which lane the mouse is in and you don't have to use number keys, just right click. If you set that input mode, are you able to add/remove notes? I wouldn't expect that unzipping EOF again to get a fresh copy would do anything more than just renaming/deleting/moving the eof.cfg file in EOF's program folder in order to revert to all default settings.

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