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Hello everyone, new guy here


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I believe it is polite to introduce yourself as a new member of this forum, so here I go.


My name is Nick, I have been playing guitar for some 15 years now. I own several guitars, and, obviously, several amps and effects. I also started playing bass some 5 years ago, with a Squier Jazz Bass.


I have been in several bands over the years, in many different genres. At the moment, I am mostly giving lessons while slowly working on my own material for a potential future band (I have a job that leaves me very little spare time).


A long time ago, in a previous life, my (not musically talented) ex-girlfriend got me hooked to Guitar Hero. In the past year or two, I have had little spare time between my job, girlfriend, and social responsibilities, so when I heard about Rocksmith I thought I had found a fun way to combine 2 hobbies - games and guitars.


I hope I will meet some fun people here, but if not, just knowing there are people still interested in guitar is already rewarding in itself! I wish everyone a lot of fun!

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Hi Nick,


it sounds as if you know your way around a guitar, maybe you should join the championship.


I did this a couple of years ago and my playing has improved immensely, and the guys & Girls on that forum are great.



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I figure I use this topic since I'm new as well. 


Just learning how to play guitar myself. I've been an avid piano player for few years. I am big on Rock music so I wanted to naturally transition from piano to guitar. 


Mind you my problem is I never learned how to read sheet music or understand musical theory. I played entirely by ear so I'll need to learn as a beginner. I'm also left handed who decided to just deal with learning how to play a right handed guitar so I have a few challenges to overcome.


I plan to take it slow using RockSmith as a teaching tool, going to try to dedicate myself to at least an hour a day.

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Learn to read sheet music and where the notes are on your guitar.  You'll feel

like you have been set free .  You can play your solo anywhere on the neck and

take advantage of different tonal properties in different registers.  You also get

score info missing in tabs making things much much easier.  Come-on, let's 

Pump Some Nylon!

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