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  1. I believe it is polite to introduce yourself as a new member of this forum, so here I go. My name is Nick, I have been playing guitar for some 15 years now. I own several guitars, and, obviously, several amps and effects. I also started playing bass some 5 years ago, with a Squier Jazz Bass. I have been in several bands over the years, in many different genres. At the moment, I am mostly giving lessons while slowly working on my own material for a potential future band (I have a job that leaves me very little spare time). A long time ago, in a previous life, my (not musically talented) ex-girlfriend got me hooked to Guitar Hero. In the past year or two, I have had little spare time between my job, girlfriend, and social responsibilities, so when I heard about Rocksmith I thought I had found a fun way to combine 2 hobbies - games and guitars. I hope I will meet some fun people here, but if not, just knowing there are people still interested in guitar is already rewarding in itself! I wish everyone a lot of fun!
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