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I need laptop advice


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Hey guys, I have rocksmith on ps4 and pc and just discovered the existence of Cdlc, and I'm really excited to try it. To use it, I need to buy a new laptop, so I was wondering if someone could help suggest me a good laptop with a budget around 1k.


Here is how I'm gonna use the computer


1)play rocksmith on my tv via hdmi

2)use music producing programs like reaper and connect instruments to record music

3)listen to music


I will not stream videos, play other games than rocksmith 2014, and will not require more memory than the cdlc files and music recordings.


So yeah it's a new project that is largely motivated by the cdlc on customsforge, being a big music fan, seeing all the songs on the database is blowing my mind!!! :)



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Any laptop at that price will play this game or you can get your money back.

Minimum 1TB HDD. Minimum 8GB RAM, if it's less than that they are ripping you off really badly at that price. Hell 8GB is a rip off at that price.

If there are no USB 2 ports you may need a USB 2 hub for the RS Cable. But some USB 3 ports are compatible...you just won't know until you try.


Maybe don't spend a grand...full HD RS2014 can be easily done by a $500 laptop.

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I would go for an SSD Boot drive, and install Rocksmith on it, as loading songs when starting RS is probably much faster,

which is a real pain, when you chart cdlc, and have to enter and exit RS 10 times in an hour for testing and correcting!


A Rocksmith installation with about 3.000 songs may require 30GB Harddisk space.

Of course you don't have to load all the songs every time, you can remove them temporary with the Songmanager.


So once you are in, you may like to keep RS in the Background, but that doesn't economize the systems energy, 

which may need a correct cooling fan. A gamer notebook may be a good solution, if you don't intend to carry it around often.

Keep in mind that RS is a Game, programmed like a Game, with DirectX.


I would also check for as much USB as possible, about 6, preferably USB3, if you like to add external instruments or sound effects.

Personally I like to use Guitar Rig together with Rocksmith via an external sound card with build in Asio.


And you will need a decent external sound system, speakers, as laptops sound awful and TV HDMI has too much lag.


MSI is exactly at 999, good quality, but if you can do without loading time, highest resolution with all gimmicks on

You can probably go for 2-300 less with an I5 instead of an I7 CPU

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