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I dont get it to work correctly. no cable / cdlc



I have some issues here.


I just bought the game, it works fine fine standard with acoustic guitar over mic.


I tryed the customforge song manager - and added 3 dream theater songs. They show in the manager but not ingame.


When using the no cable launcher, latency and everything is fine, but sometimes theres strange noise out of nowhere, and fix for this?


And can I set the no cable launcher to start with custom forge song manager, or do I even have to run through the song manager to get cdlc to work?


THanks for the help. 



I'm on Windows 10, using the Steam version of the game and a focusrite saffire pro 40. 

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You need the official Cherub rock dlc for the cdlc to show ingame.            https://store.steampowered.com/app/248750/Rocksmith_2014__The_Smashing_Pumpkins___Cherub_Rock/

and you need the .dll for it to be playable.        https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QhJqyhZthcTS_EyiDqJG_mmLcz1Gymcu/view?usp=sharing


Buy the official cable, it just a lot less work than trying to mess with the no cable launcher.


and no you dont need to start it through the song manager for cdlcs to work.

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Hey thanks alot, I have so money stuff here, I honestly dont want another cable here wich probably gets broken after some weeks. I only use a certain type of cabel since some years now and dont want to switch anymore. 


So its all about that dlc - I see - the song manager actually allready comes with this .dll and puts it into game directory no problem.


Thanks for the help , will try it later.

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