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Some Issues Creating CDLC



Sorry for the nonspecific title, really didn't even know how to describe some of this in a reasonably short way. I'll have to include a video because I'm not sure I can even describe the main part of the issue well enough to convey what the problem is.


Basically, I've got most things working okay, the chart is there and everything, but the audio is just..... I don't even know how that audio possibly happened. One time I tried making it and it had the same preview audio as this video but the song itself was just silence, after re-trying to make the WWise file thing, it happens in the song too (actually after rewatching the video, it only started happening after I used Riff Repeater?), maybe someone more knowledgeable about these kinds of things can figure out some idea of what I did wrong by listening to the sounds it turned out as? I have no idea where I could have went wrong at all, I was following tutorials closely in the whole process.


Also in the video are a few less major issues:

1. The song doesn't display a title, I filled in the title fields when making it, I even tried filling it in with just basic letters (no parentheses, commas, etc) and it still resulted in the name field being empty in game.

2. One section has dynamic difficulty. I didn't make dynamic difficulty, and I didn't generate it for the song in any way, so I'm not sure where that even came from, not a big deal though, since I can just set it to max.

3. Is there a way I can lower the leading silence I set in Editor on Fire? A tutorial I followed recommended an amount of silence that definitely seems excessive, wouldn't mind trimming it down at least a few seconds, but if it's not possible, it's not really a big deal, there'll just be a bit of a wait to start the song when playing it, if I can even get these other things fixed.


Feel free to ask any other questions if they might help figure out what I could have done wrong or how to fix these things. I genuinely don't know what kind of details to give right now other than "I followed the tutorials". Also, I've made customs before and never experienced any issues anything like either of these, I think this might be my first time trying to make one since the Remastered update, not sure on that, if it has anything to do with it. I also tried fixing the CDLC with the CustomsForge Song Manager, but it didn't really do anything there.


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EOF is that version, Toolkit is showing as v2.8.4.1-82e47ea8 BETA, so I can go back and try again with the other version and see if it helps.


Edit: Actually, only v2.8.4.1 builds are available, so I guess I can just see if trying a different one does anything.


Second edit: According to https://www.rscustom.net/ what I have is the latest release build after all.

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Regarding the audio, did you converted it yourself in wwise? If so, don't for your own sake and let the toolkit handle it. If the toolkit did the conversion, file will be needed to investigate this properly.


For the song title with the localization of your game as to what seems to be japanese, there might a lot of room to improvement and testing along side the dev will help figure things out more easily (note that the toolkit have a box to activate for japanese character).


DD is now automatically added to CDLC because it avoid some remastered related bug. If you don't use DD, just de-activate in the ingame options.


For the leading silence, it's better to have too much than not enough, a largely higher scroll speed would likely make that time feel less important than it is at the moment.


I'm a lot more concerned though by the fact the beatmap isn't synced which will be largely more problematic to make a proper CDLC in any kind of way.

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Converted audio with WWise, since there didn't seem to be any other option, still doesn't from what I found, no idea what else I would put there in the toolkit, I tried putting the song files from the EoF folder and with those the generation process doesn't even complete, because of extremely lengthy errors.


For name I can fill in the Japanese side of things as well and see if it does anything, but I doubt it, since with all the CDLC I've used, I've only seen one other one with the issue of not having a name display. I'd also think Artist displaying would be an issue if it was related, but I don't know.


DD I can deal with, I just remember seeing some popups while making things in EoF that said something about how issues would be caused if Dynamic Difficulty was made, no idea how to fix those either.


And for leading silence, I can change the scroll speed next time and see what happens, not a big deal either way, since it's just a few seconds either way.


Edit: Through doing some extra stuff in EoF, I was able to change the chart around and get rid of the error mentioning DD would cause problems. Beatmap sync may also be slightly better, but I'm not even 100% sure what that means. Either way, the audio is definitely the main issue, and that's what I need fixed most before I work on fixing all the other things (I know I'll have various sync issues with many of the notes, I just wanted to get it into the game and make sure it worked before fine-tuning it, which I think now was a good idea, since I can see it doesn't work)

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Okay, I think I've got everything working on a basic level, I'll have to go back and adjust a bunch of notes for better timing with the song, and all that sort of thing, but it's working as is now, so I can deal with the rest.


Basically, I think the gist of the issue was that I was using a newer version of Wwise when the newest the Toolkit supports is a 2016 version, once I installed that older version, I was able to get the toolkit to convert the audio from EoF without having to directly use Wwise to do it myself.


As for the title, I was doing a lot of different things at once in between tests, so I'm not entirely sure what fixed it (seems unlikely that the fixing audio with the correct version of Wwise would have anything to do with it), I did re-copy the song information into the Japanese fields as well, so maybe that was the issue there. Feels like I'd run into more CDLC with that problem than I have if it was that, since it's an easy thing to not notice, and I'd think it would only be relevant in songs with Japanese characters used in either of those places. In any case, the title is there, at least, that's the important thing.


For leading silence, I'll just leave it as is, it's a bit longer than most of my songs, but when I'm playing I can just use the extra waiting time for a few seconds of warmup practice.


Edit: Completely unrelated edit, but I did have one other question in case anyone stops by here. Is there a way to get Japanese lyrics into CDLC? I pretty much don't bother with lyrics most of the time anyway, but just out of curiosity I tried, and it seems like directly in EoF, you can't input Japanese characters at all, and I tried using Ultrastar Creator to do it a while back, and the characters caused it to crash, and when I reopened it I couldn't add Japanese characters anymore.

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