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Create with DD then without DD or the opposite (problem)


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Hello everyone.

That's my problem:


When I import from a temporary file in XML a packet already created and I want to make a change of version after modification in E.O.F, well I create a psarc pack with DD for example and everything is fine.

When I want to do another without DD (NDD) I go to the configuration of the toolbox and I uncheck "Auto Generate DDC"


Well, it still generates a file with DD. Even still choosing in config: Rampage ddc_chords_remover, well it does not work anyway.


Am I doing something wrong?


I must say that I do not master the toolbox perfectly.


PS: I use the latest version recommended.

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Thank you for your return cozy1.


Ok but what I find weird is that I already managed to remove the dynamic difficulty in custom (hardly with the toolbox) and they work very well and I have the Remastered version.


Well I play on ps3 but it changes nothing I guess.


So weird, I do not understand everything there.

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  • Developer

@Fedro  Since you said things still seemed a little weird, I retraced what the toolkit code is actually doing when you check the box "Auto Generate DDC".


So like I said before, in remastered all CDLC must have DD to work properly.   Some CDLC authors create their own DD content in EOF.  The toolkit does not overwrite this existing DDC, preserving the integrity of the CDLC author's work regardless of the "Auto Generate DDC" checkbox state.

Unchecking "Auto Generate DDC" in the Config Menu simply prevents the toolkit from generating DDC for those CDLC which do not already have any DDC.   If  "Auto Generate DDC" is checked, the toolkit will generate DDC only if a song does not have any DDC.

If you want to play an arrangement without DD then you may disable DD in the game itself.  Another option is to use the toolkit DDC menu tab feature to completely remove DDC from a CDLC, including DDC created by the CDLC author.


CDLC can be played in remastered without DDC.  It is just that the remastered Play Count does not work properly if the CDLC does not contain DDC.

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Ok cosy1 I understand perfectly.

The one I did not understand is that many people download 2 versions one with DDC and another without DDC. So why provide a version without DDC that seems to work?


I have never seen a problem in remastered without DDC.


But you must know better than me so I admit.


Thank you for everything.

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  • Administrator

@@Fedro non-DD CDLC only have minor bug (most importantly the non-working play counter). Those where offered before the remastered update that allowed for control over DD ingame. They don't have any uses anymore as DD can be deactivated ingame anyway so for the best possible experience (having all sorting options work as intended), DD is required even if you have deactivated it in your ingame settings.

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