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Convert PC to PS3 does not appear in RM


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I converted lots of cdlc pc to ps3 successfully.

For the first time, I have a problem that I have never had before:

The conversion to ps3 works normally however I do not see the piece in the game.I thought the ID was bad but no

The title of the track is:




have tried several versions of the toolkit without success.


Can you tell me where the problem may come from.


Thank you very much.

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can you try this one? I'm not sure If it won't break things but i tried to convert it in proper way https://drive.google.com/open?id=1k63LGIR1RCOnt1V6PbOW1qbkRIz8YuZ3

can't quick analyze it and say what's wrong rn

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Thanks Alex360.

I found the origin of the problem.

Like an idiot, I realized that I copied the piece in the Rocksmith 2012 folder.


I will try again thank you in any case.

I keep you up to date.

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