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First of all an apology for this was answered already but the after following the steps I can't seem to figure this out. I now have a text file with all the shortcuts I will use so I won't have to be asking since it's a nightmare finding answers online but again I come with this simple question that hopefully will be the last time I ask. As I take time off I forget this one thing that has me going crazy.


Question was answered and this is what I got last time but I can't seem to find the save file where the custom tones are stored.




1) Click the 'Import' button next to the 'Tones' listbox
2) From the "Select CDLC Song Package or Tone File or your Profile' prompt, change the 'Files of type:' combobox to 'Rocksmith 2014 Game Save Profile (*_prfldb)  
(Custom tones that you created in the game are saved to your *_prfldb file)
3) Change the 'Look in:' combobox to the location of your game save *_prfldb file and select it
4) Select the *_prfldb file and click the 'Open' button.
5) Select your custom tone to populate the 'Tones' listbox
6) Finish creating your CDLC
Now again the question is I want to get the custom tones out and import them into the toolkit, it used to be so simple but I guess now with the new update the location has changed? Keep in mind that the steps above were followed and I still can't find the damn file. From what I remember you had to change the drop down box to look for the files (Rocksmith 2014 XBOX360 Package (*-*) but this one tells me to look for the prfdb file and I tried to look for both and nothing. I also remember that you had to go into the user data folder and go through the folders that had multiple numbers as their file name ie. (221680, 294100, 359870) to name a few and inside that folder there was a file that had a long list of numbers as it's name and that was the one to click on and then you could select your tones to import. I tried to put as much information as possible to help you help my dumbass so thank you for taking the time to read and possible help, enjoy your day.  :wub:
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"I want to get the custom tones out and import them into the toolkit"


1) Use the Windows 'Search Programs and Files' tool.  

2) Type in '*_prfldb' and hit enter to find your game save.

3) Once you have located the path to the '*_prfldb' file you should be able to follow the previous directions that I provided above.


If you are asking about how to locate the files on an Xbox then you need to use some sort of disc explorer tool to find the file.


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