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Locked Moderator & Developer Positions Open (Volunteer)

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We're looking for the following volunteer positions:




You would moderate the discord, the forums, and work on active reports.

Reply to support tickets from the community. Assist the admins and developers.

Moderators have to be approved by current staff.



Front-End Developer (CSS/Bootstrap/HTML) [3+ years experience]

You would need to know CSS, Bootstrap, HTML5, Datatables, jQuery, and frameworks near these that are similar. 

Experience with php is a plus.


PHP/MySQL Developer [3+ years experience]

We need knowledgeable MySQL + PHP Developers that can help work on the migration script that will help separate Ignition from IP Board 3.4 to its own database with a new structure. 


primary_id_field = song_id
member_id = member_id
field_15 = artist
field_16 = album

Once this is done we need help with the new Ignition 4 development which is a complete rewrite using Laravel.


If you're ready to apply please fill this form out:


We're working on getting a team together so we can complete this faster. 

If you have any questions PM me on discord.

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