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Modify measures


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Hello everybody.


So here is my concern, I would like to know if it was possible to adjust all the measures in EOF without changing the synchronization between notes and music because I already spent a lot of time synchronizing everything and I would not have to to start all over.


I'm asking because after converting the package to GP5 tablature, well the measures were anything.


Thank you all.



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Are you talking about changing the measure numbering? You would have to add/remove beats or change time signatures to do that. Depending on how you sync a chart, the measure numbering may or may not reflect a Guitar Pro file may describe the same tablature.

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The easiest way to do this would be to change the time signature. The top number of the signature is how many beats are in a measure. So say the Intro section of your project is 10 beats in 4/4 before the Verse section begins, but you want the Guitar Pro file to have the Verse begin at measure 3. You can change the Time signature of the first beat marker to 5/4, which means each measure is 5 beats long. Then the Verse section would occur two measures into the project, and you can change the time signature at that beat marker to suit whatever you wanted. It's possible that the time signature makes a visible difference in-game, but I can't remember if it draws measure markers or anything like that.

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