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Locked Upcoming Changes & Emergency Donation Goal


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Hey all,

We are close to starting the CustomsForge Forum Upgrade. We will be disabling a few big features on the forums.
I'll be updating you soon on more information on what features will be leaving and what actions to take.


The server's due date which is usually near the end of the month/beginning of the month, unfortunately, has been pushed up sooner and we have until the 18th to get the rest of the payment done. On top of that we have very important renewals coming up that we need to take care of as soon as possible. 


If any streamers want to help run a donation stream we'll feature you on the website and all of our social media including an @@everyone mention in the Discord. PM me on Discord if you're interested.


Right now we are doing major tests on the new forum upgrade. We've also confirmed that the ignition cookie bug has been fixed in the upgrade on multiple browsers. This should increase our userbase by the minimum of 20% once the forums are upgraded and we get everything going. 


Once the forums are upgraded we will be focusing on releasing the next upgrade of Ignition. This is still quite a ways off but with the new forum upgrade it should definitely help with a lot of issues.

The donation goal is located here: http://customsforge.com/donate/goal-107-emergency-goal/

Thanks for the support. 


- Mark

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