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I fully understand why the use of ad blockers on this site has been implemented, but can some work be done to stop them forcing the page being edited to keep jumping to the bottom to focus on the adverts please? I've just added a new custom and to have the page keep changing position as I'm try to fill in the fields is somewhat annoying (I'm English, so being polite).

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Is anyone going to do anything about this issue? I nearly gave up posting a custom just now  because the screen kept jumping about all over the place. Typing this now, I'm in the middle of a battle between the adverts at the top wanting focus and the adverts at the bottom wanting focus. It's not just me having this issue - I know of several others who find the site pretty much unusable. Until it's fixed I'm not going to bother posting any more customs.

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I just logged in here for the first time in a while due to RL tribulations. I am really annoyed by the ad that pops up at the bottom of this page and which reappears 5 seconds after  close the previous one. Not the "Welcome back" I was hoping. Grrrrrr. Nothing gets me more angry than ads. Well ok, insurers do. :)


Thanks James for all the hard work you do, BTW!!

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