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E Standard - Aldo Nova - Fantasy


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Artist: Aldo Nova


Song: Fantasy


Album: Aldo Nova(1982)


Music Video: 


Paths up for testing:


Lead, Rhythm, Bass


Tones: Custom made tones for both guitars(Delay Distortion, High Gain Lead, Distortion).

Tones may need some retweaking and volume work. No bass tone yet.


Dynamic Difficulty: Yes. Using iminashi's workaround


Author's Notes:


I'm redoing one of my old CDLCs. One of my first riffs to play on guitar. Very simple, and perfect song to learn powerchords. Solo is always killer. Enjoy!


PC Link: Fantasy(PC)


This is a WIP. Do not share without author's consent.

Check out my Released, WIP, and
Future CDLCs here(Ubisoft Style):
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Just tried the lead and here are my remark :


The first tone just doesn't fit, the delay is only on the chord slide, the rest of the tone is pretty much just a filtered distortion tone.


The lead synth line would make more sense to me if it was played like this :
10B with bend 10B 8B 10G slide down to 5G with bend 5G 3G 2G

On the first solo section, the 18E before the PO to 15E sounsd to me like a release and not another bend, and the last 18E is picked 2 times and only bend on the second one.


On the third solo section, the 11G that is taped should be bend to a half step to sound like a 12G.


On the last solo section, i'm really note sure about the 3 15E after the bent 18B. IMO the first one doesn't exist, it's just the 18B vibrato that is still going, then the second one i would play as a 18B pre-bent and the last one would indeed be a 15E.

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