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E Standard - Journey - Faithfully


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Artist : Journey

Song : Faithfully

Path up for testing : Lead

Tuning : E Standard

Tones : Made by me, but needs adjustments

Dynamic Difficulty : No


Riff Repeater: Yes


Link: Faithfully(PC)


Music Video: 


Redoing one of my old and unfinished CDLCs. Big fan of Neal Schon as you can tell by my signature. :)

Check out my Released, WIP, and
Future CDLCs here(Ubisoft Style):
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There's overall too much reverb on the tone especially on the distortion one which just drown the sound and makes it harder to hear yourself but other than that, the tones are amazing.


Regarding the chart, there's a bit of weirdness in some part of the solo where there's shift that seems to be needed that don't really makes sense to me, but maybe some FHP doesn't really help to figure out where i should put my hand in general.


Also on a side note, the lyrics are usually without any kind of punctuation and having a "." at the end of each line is really bothering me :D

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