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Double Stop Bends With Different Values Per String


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I was asked to add this to the EOF fourm section so that EOF devs can have a read and see if this can be added into the software or atleast explain it for anyone else to do this double stop bedn with different values.
I wanted to add a double stop bend to my CDLC Rock n Roll Star by Oasis this bend is in the chorus of the song and requires the strings to bend at different values as show.
To get the desired effect i tried many things but could get the result I wanted so I turned to CF's discord for help, lucky two clever users I)ark_Seph and Firekorn where there to help me out.
So in EOF you need to find the bend you want to do this on you need to highlight the bend and go to Edit Guitar Pro Note (n key), here you split all the notes that are highlighted.
Next you need to save the song and find the tracks .xml file then open it in notepad or notepad++ to make it easier.
Using the timing form EOF locate the bend code in the file.
Then edit the desired string e.g string 3 to a full bend instead of a half bend do it to all the code that needs it to be done and save the file.
Then you can compile the song in RStoolkit and test it out on RS.
Sadly if you need to edit any of your chart in EOF you will have to do all above again as EOF overwrites the changes.
Here is the result
Hope this helps users and hopefully the devs can add into EOF with a future patch.

Thanks for reading  :)
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@@raynebc Except that a pre-bend value must be on the note head so in this specific case where it's a chord, you can't put different value at the exact same time which is required for the pre-bend.

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I missed that you needed to pre-bend by different bend amounts. EOF has no way to author a chord that way. I hadn't pursued a special method to author this because it seemed especially rare that people would need it. I think you could get pretty close by authoring that last chord as two single notes that begin close to and overlap each other (ie. apply "crazy" status to the earlier note that will overlap the other). It won't display the exact same way as a chord, but you could put a handshape around it to hopefully get pretty close (it would have chord fingerings like an arpeggio section but no actual chord box), ie:



To make it easier to place the technote on either note if it is not grid snapped, you can place the tech note just after it and while that tech note is selected, use the "Note>Rocksmith>Move t.n. to prev note" function. Then just apply the appropriate bend strength to each of the tech notes.

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