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Can't login after registration / No confirmation e-mail




I tried registering here two times some weeks ago. This is my third attempt now. After the registration form has been submitted, I'm logged in temporarily, but can't access the protected forums or ignition. When I try to do so or log out, I can't log back in as the site tells me my username or password is not correct (which is not true). So I assume I still need to confirm my e-mail address, but didn't receive any confirmation email for that purpose.
I did everything in "Contact Staff (Login/Reg Issues)" to no avail. I also submitted a support request but didn't get any reply.

I used a different email-address on each try and I also checked the spam folders.

Note that I will probably not be able to respond to this thread once this temporary post-registration session has expired.

Thanks for any help

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I've never heard that happen to anyone. Very weird issue. I'll throw my two cents in anyway... have you checked if for some reason the validation emails get automatically deleted from the spam or normal email folders?? Maybe theres something in your email settings forbidding the email from being accessed/seen? Also, this might be very unlikely, but I've heard of people being able to blacklist emails from certain sources. If your email service has any way to blacklist inbound emails, check the blacklist list. Sorry for not having a sure solution, as Ive never seen this issue before, these are just a couple theories that might help you out a bit! :)


PS: I've got to edit this in. Maybe the servers are just acting weird or are under maintanance, I'm not one of the staff here so I can't be sure of that, just lettin' you know. You could check back in a few days and create a new account, see what happens.

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I usually release about 2 CDLC a month, because I like to take my time and make them as good as I can for the benefit of everyone interested in them ;)

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