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Rocksmith song Difficulty (Ignore Me on This One)



Just curious if there is actually any rhyme or reason to how Rocksmith considers something difficult or easy. I'm not talking about how it rates CDLC because I wouldn't expect it to get that right.  But RS 1 titles seem to be out of place in the queue.  Regular DLC doesn't seem quite right either, why would it rate I Want You back as the least difficult song?  I'm not sure if the regular songs fall into any realistic order either.  So far my best way of figuring out which songs are actually easiest for me is to sight read each one and then work on the ones I ended up with the highest mastery on.  I'm sure there's a ton of threads about which songs are the easiest ones to play and that's not what I'm wondering about, I'm wondering if there's some identifier put into the song to tell rocksmith the difficulty level or if it just guesses based on the notes and techniques placed in the song.  So does an easy hammer on for Next Girl automatically bump up the difficulty level several notches above the top song in the list.


Feel free to ignore me on this one, just a bit confused and felt cathartic to put it in text.



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@@wrentheseedling RS difficulty rating is very simple, it's the highest difficulty level the song have.


So technique doesn't come directly into RS sorting and it can explain some difference between RS1 DLC and RS2014 DLC because difficulty level weren't done the same way for many different reason.


CDLC are rated the same way but with DDC, the highest difficulty level rarely go as high as official songs do.

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