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Help please



ever since I started using cdlc, two things have been bothering me.


1. The game never saves any progress, so every time I play its like a new game. Even If I play a non cdlc song it doesn't save any progress. I mean it will while I am playing, but the moment I back out of the game and turn off the ps3 and come back to it all my progress is gone. 


2. Some songs will play the preview of the song normally, just like all the others. But when you select certain songs it will lock up the ps3 and I will have to do a hard reset. Any thoughts? I have tried identifying which songs do this, I'm starting a list. And I have tried with one or two to delete, re download, and format for ps3 if needed. But they still lock everything up. Other cdlc works just fine.


Please help, some of the songs that are locking things up are my favorite and were/are the reason I set things up for cdlc. 

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Most of us run CDLCs on PC/Macs. Its safer and much cheaper, (and buying it you support Ubisoft) to do than on Xbox360/PS3. Requires jailbreaking your console, run the risk getting banned from online, and getting your console bricked. Your best option would be to buy RS2014 on laptop to play CDLC. Less hassle. Sorry.

Check out my Released, WIP, and
Future CDLCs here(Ubisoft Style):
I)ark_Seph's Customs

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