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There is an error in the Ultrastar file:


- 1735
: 1736 3 0 The
: 1757 4 0  nor
: 1765 70 0 thern
: 1868 2 0  gold
: 1992 3 0  sear
- 2001
: 1992 4 0 I've


"I've" has an invalid timestamp.  It must come after the previous lyric and after that end of lyric line.  Did you manually edit the lyric file, or did an Ultrastar lyric editor allow it to be authored this way?  If it's the latter, it may be worth reporting this as a bug to its developers because I doubt it should allow this to happen.

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@@raynebc - I remember doing something similar on one of my lyrics charts once (which I then fixed manually by finding something like that example and changing the later timestamp). I think it happened when I used x to go back a second (probably multiple times in a row) then pressed spacebar to place a new lyric while in the midst of previously placed lyrics due to losing my place in the song. Since then I've been careful to make sure that doesn't happen, so it was just the once for me.

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