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MIDI Tone Selection


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I bring this scenario to light because most times I use the MIDI tone in EoF for note-to-fret comparison, it uses a different tone each time I turn on the feature, which in turn sounds like an entirely different note than what would correspond with the fret position.


My suggestion is to provide a menu in which the user can select from the various tones within the Edit menu so that the MIDI tone is not dynamically changed between bells, keyboards, or guitars.


Alternatively, statically assign tones to be registered to the different EoF tracks (guitars to real guitar, keyboard -> keyboard, etc.)



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I don't understand the problem you're describing. In case it's relevant: Old versions of EOF had a bug where the MIDI instrument numbers in eof.cfg were corrupted between subsequent launches of EOF, but if you close EOF, delete these entries:

eof_midi_synth_instrument_guitar =...

eof_midi_synth_instrument_guitar_muted =...

eof_midi_synth_instrument_guitar_harm =...

eof_midi_synth_instrument_bass =...


Save the changes and then open EOF again, they will reset to the correct default instrument numbers. You could instead change them to different instrument numbers of your choosing:



As for your enhancement request, it may be easy enough for me to allow the user to define a specific instrument number to use for each track (this would probably be saved on a per-project basis). Let me know if that's close enough to what you're asking for.

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So, essentially, every time I turn on MIDI tones for note correction, I always hear a different instrument. Sometimes it's a bell, sometimes it's an organ, but very rarely do I get the standard guitar instrument. In which file will I find these entries to be deleted?


EDIT: Scratch that, file name was more obvious than I anticipated

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