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BPMs and Metronome sound level


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I have two questions:


  1. When I change the BPM while synchronizing a beatmap, the measres after the one I am syncing use the same value as before the synch. How do I correct that. For example if the first measure is at 95 BPM, and I synch measure 8, it changes measure 1 to 94 BPM. But measure 8 and after are still at 95. Is there a way to have eveything synched to 95? I have a song that progressively increases in speed and I have to adjust at every measure, the way it's set up now.
  2. How can I make the metronome sound louder? It's not loud enough and I have a difficult time discerning the metronome from the song. Having another sound (cowbell, for example) could help too. I tried creating a Guitarpro file that only contains one note, but that seems to de synch if I am only moving the beatmap. 




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1.  Clicking and dragging beats only changes tempo on the selected beat if there is an anchor (a beat locked in place) ahead of it, because that anchor won't move when the earlier beat is clicked and drug to a new position.  To change the tempo of all beats from the selected beat up until the next anchor (if there is one), use "Beat>BPM Change".

What I like to do in order to get a good average tempo for a song when I start syncing it is to sync a measure by clicking and dragging it, and then using "Beat>Delete anchor".  This removes the anchor that was placed on the selected beat when you moved it, and makes it assume the tempo of the previous tempo change (ie. the first beat's tempo).  Then I go another measure or two in and do the same thing.  After a few of these, the tempo on the first beat gets more accurate and the changes you make to beat positions will be more subtle and possibly fewer in number.  If the song really changes tempo part-way through, you may find it helpful to do this process to fine tune the tempo on a beat other than the first beat of the chart.

2.  EOF doesn't have a way to increase the volume of a sound cue (ie. metronome) above 100%, but you can lower the volume of the chart audio itself by going into "Song>Audio cues".

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Thanks. I ended up synching every other measure or so. The song started at 95 BPM and ended at 128 over a 9 minute period, so I don't think I could have done better.


Thanks for the audio cues tip, I didn't know that it existed. Most likely  I can use that to get the effect I want.


Thanks again,



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