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My Issues CFSM


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I used this software a while ago to attempt to fix the 100% bug, but I didn't back up my CDLC because I was never told the corrupt CDLC would be deleted. So I lost 90% of downloaded Corrupted CDLC. 


I downloaded it again today. And I downloaded the latest release ( Here are the list of issues and I will try and explain what happened.

1. The selection system. I was in the duplicates menu, and I struggled to tick the boxes of duplicate CDLC's I had. It doesn't always register a mouse click for some strange reason.


2. The duplicates menu is not very helpful. I was looking through duplicate DLC and because I made a backup a while ago and Steam deleted most of my newer CDLC, I had to use an old backup. And the duplicates I had looked very similar. There were some with different version numbers, and some had the same name with a very hard to spot detail like an extra dot or dash. My issue with this menu is it doesn't display the date modified which it would help to have because I know which version is

recent. I have over 1600 CDLC, there were over 150 duplicates. (I'm not sure if this is a bug, but it won't pick up CDLC with a number in brackets, so masterofpuppets.psarc  masterofpuppets.psarc (1) and that's happened, it doesn't affect it in game from what I can see, but bothers me a little)


3. After fixing most of my CDLC, the corrupt CDLC's were archived luckily. But my issue is there isn't an easy way to access the corrupt files. I would like something on that menu that would allow you to open the folder containing corrupt CDLC's.


4. My four issue is to do with the entire program itself. I repaired CDLC and I archived my corrupt CDLC. The menu went blank, and then I closed it. Because I had done what I needed to do until something else came up. Then I tried to open it up because there was CDLC I was unsure if it was mine or another users, as I attempt to make better/fixed versions of CDLC (Also, unrelated, there's quite a few CDLC's out there that don't use Cherub Rock as the DLC tree thing). So I tried to open the CFSM software again, and I got an error 'Master Collection.Count = 0  The program will now shut down' And as a result, it didn't properly shut down. I found my countless attempts of reopening the software completely useless, as the CFSM process was still running in the background, so I had to close it via Task Manager. 


5. Every time I load CFSM, it asks me to set it up again? But the program launches normally alongside the setup?



I hope this helps you. I might use this more often. Here are things I would like to see in CFSM or outside depending on if it's suitable:

- I would like to see a tutorial on how to repair the CDLC mastery bug manually, or how to prevent it. And also how to repair corrupt CDLC's (If possible). 

- More customisability and accessibility (Being able to change colours, font, text size, etc.)

- An option to back up your dlc folder somewhere on your storage device (If possible, make it a scheduled thing, so every week, or day, depending on what it's set to, it will back up updated CDLC files)


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  • Developer

Try downloading and using the latest beta.

Are you tired of AV False Positives???  Now accepting donations on my website (Click Here)  Your donation will be used towards buying a code signing certificate.   CGT is now compatible and safe to use with Rocksmith® 2014 Remastered ... 


Latest Build of Custom Game Toolkit (CGT) w/ Game Save Gigbox       Latest Build of Rocksmith Toolkit       Latest Build of Customs Forge Song Manager (CFSM)


All bug reports and help requests please include your: OS, CPU, AV, .NET Framework versions along with a description of the issue (include screenshots of error if possible).  It should go without having to say ... make sure you are using the latest build before submitting bug reports or asking for help.


*  Remember to use your magic words (please and thank you) if you would like a response.  Don't use phrases like 'thanks anyhow' as it is demeaning.

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