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Can't play CDLC without opening in patcher, also no DD despite saying there is.



2 questions, didn't want to make a separate thread for both.

The only way cdlc works for me is if I open RS via the RS patcher.  But then my payed DLC won't show up.   I have the special .dll file in my RS folder.  CDLC is in the DLC folder.  Also since the .dll file does nothing for me, I also have the patcher in my RS folder.  Am I doing something wrong?  I'd like to be able to play CDLC and payed DLC without having to close the game and restart it a different way.  

As for the DD issue with CDLC songs.  They say that DD is available.  And when I start the song, it says DD is on in the upper right hand corner.  I then proceed to get bombarded with all sorts of stuff coming down the screen.  May not be an issue for some of you, but I've only been doing this for a couple days.  It's very overwhelming and DD is a godsend for me!  I have a bass if that makes a difference?  A friend said maybe they don't have DD for the bass part?  I've tried several songs that supposedly have DD and the result is the same.

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@@Matt1979 regarding your issue with the dll follow this : CDLC not working - General Rocksmith - CustomsForge


regarding dd, could you tell us which songs does this to you and if there's purple bar at the top of RS screen.

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Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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I followed your link.  And did it step for step.  Still won't work right.  I don't have cherub rock.  I have changed the song id to DLC I do have.  Tears Don't Fall, specifically.  Maybe I do need cherub rock after all.  I can play the CDLC, but only if I open via the RS patcher.  Not a deal breaker, just inconvenient.  


The DD thing.  There is purple on some songs and not others.  Despite the file being named with DD, I guess they just don't have it.  The song I was referring to I've since deleted and downloaded a different version.  

Thanks for your help!

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