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I've downloaded a song on customsforge. But there's mistakes or add to do. So I wanted to change that. I finally changed some stuff with Editor On Fire and Rocksmith Tool Kit. But now I'm lost to repack it in .psarc ^^'

Files I've got now : .eof, 2 .bak, .ogg, 3 MIDI and config (as .txt)


I searched on tuto but... ><


Can someone help me please ?

Or do it for me if I give all files... really, I even don't know how I did all what I did...lol, but I spent hours to correct the songs, I just don't want this to be wasted if possible, take credits if you want I don't care ^^'

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I searched on tuto but... ><



This is fom the tut page



Working with Custom Song Creator Toolkit for Rocksmith


We finally made it to the last step of creating CLDC. Let's run the Toolkit and start by filling basic song information:




Next, we select the album art we've downloaded earlier to our working directory, as well as Ov Fire And The Void.wem created in the last step:



Then we add tones for the song, I've used some tones from the big XML package of original tones:




Finally, we add our arrangements that we've created with EoF:



Same goes for the rest of arrangements:




( Lead: )




After that you're ready for the final step - press Generate and save your _p.psarc file:




And you're ready to test your work by copying that file to your Rocksmith dlc folder.

Congratulations you've just created a CDLC!


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Save, or Save As ... all the same, I got an .eof


If someone want to do something with it, it's the song Silvera from Gojira. It still need some corrections but... I think it's better than the one on customforge.



If you open the Gojira_Silvera_v2.0.EOF file and then just save it , it will create the xml for PART REAL_GUITAR_RS2  , you can then use this in the Toolkit. Don't give up you were so close.

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And how I save it in .xml ? I see that nowhere ^^' maybe my EOF is not configure like it should be or I don't know but... when I save the file in EOF (with "save as..."), in "type", I just have ".eof"


What version of EOF are you using ? Are you using the latest version with latest hotfix.


Are you sure that the "PART REAL_GUITAR_RS2" file is not there after saving ?

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Where I installed EOF I got a "readme". It says "EOF v1.8b"


With latest hotfix ? I don't know XD apparently not lol, because I don't have all this files that you show


That seems like an old version , try downloading the newer version & hotfix to see if it helps





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Ok that apparently was this... <_<  :P 

I finally did something that work ! "F*ck yeah" !! lol

Thank you so much for aaaaaall your patience !! ^^' :D


Now... I'll try to put this v2.0 on customforge :p (and if it's ok for this step, maybe later I'll try for corrections because I already know it's still not perfect too)

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Ok i can do this too.


Hm... I wanted to see the tab in guitar pro (or tuxguitar) with "rocksmithtotab" but that never convert the good file...


I've got a good .GPX file of this song that will maybe be better than the version I created I think, but I can't put it in EOF...

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