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Weird EOF problem



Sorry if this is in the wrong place, this is my first forum post. 


I am currently making a CDLC for Green Day's "Ordinary World", which has a capo on 7. After setting that there and making the CDLC, trying to save it leads to this message:

"Warning: This note is specified as using the index finger, but the fret hand position is on a different fret. It's recommended to change the fret hand position to match. Continue?"


Pressing yes only prompts this message for every other note in the song. Ignoring it will allow the save to continue, but when compiling the CDLC into Rocksmith Toolkit, when I try to add the arrangements, it prompts this message:


"Unable to get information from the arrangement XML.

Your version of EOF up to date?

There is an error in XML document (50, 137)."


I have already redownloaded EOF so it is indeed up to date. Any suggestions for solving this?

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Please verify what version EOF indicates it is in Help>About. The easiest thing to try would be to remove the fret hand positions (use "Track>Rocksmith>Fret hand positions>List", or CTRL+SHIFT+F, and click the "Delete all" for each track difficulty that has notes in it. EOF will complain about no fret hand positions being defined when you save again, but it will add some that should work alright. If it works after that, you can make any edits to the positions that you want and see if that works.


If the automatically added fret hand positions doesn't work in the toolkit, please send me your EOF project file so I can do some testing.

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