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Can't Escape Tech Mode


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For some reason, EOF decided that anytime I right click, it would toggle in and out of tech mode. If I right click to add a note, I'm dropped into tech mode. Right click to delete a tech note, I'm kicked out of tech mode. Scroll up to change the fret number of a note, and I'm dropped into tech mode. I've tried "reinstalling" EOF and rebooting my computer, but the problem still manifests. This only happens in "PART REAL_GUITAR_22" on this one song. If I load up a different song, the problem disappears only to reappear when loading up this one song. And whenever I load the song, I'm dropped right into tech mode. I've uploaded the problematic song's folder here: https://mega.nz/#!c4kjFBrS!LsXSHiKuXvEkymtzLAxiFZa_FSxHGSHNYcL8ZH4gPtQ


I'm using EOF 1.8rc11 with the hotfix from 6 Dec 2016.


In the meantime, I recovered the song from "PART REAL_GUITAR_22_RS2.xml", but that was a pain.

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