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  1. Happy Birthday 5urd!

  2. Happy Birthday 5urd!

  3. For some reason, EOF decided that anytime I right click, it would toggle in and out of tech mode. If I right click to add a note, I'm dropped into tech mode. Right click to delete a tech note, I'm kicked out of tech mode. Scroll up to change the fret number of a note, and I'm dropped into tech mode. I've tried "reinstalling" EOF and rebooting my computer, but the problem still manifests. This only happens in "PART REAL_GUITAR_22" on this one song. If I load up a different song, the problem disappears only to reappear when loading up this one song. And whenever I load the song, I'm dropped right into tech mode. I've uploaded the problematic song's folder here: https://mega.nz/#!c4kjFBrS!LsXSHiKuXvEkymtzLAxiFZa_FSxHGSHNYcL8ZH4gPtQ I'm using EOF 1.8rc11 with the hotfix from 6 Dec 2016. In the meantime, I recovered the song from "PART REAL_GUITAR_22_RS2.xml", but that was a pain.
  4. Are you playing with modified RS volume settings? I'm asking this because I'm using the default volumes and for me the intro tone volume is not loud at all and the other tone is actually a lot louder than the intro tone. The tuning is set to drop D in EoF. I think I forgot to set ignore chord name change for drop tuning in EoF. Not sure, I will take a look at it. I will check the official tab of Darkshines again in case I missed those vibratos. :) My volume settings are all at 100: (ignore letterboxing, my monitor is 5:4, not 16:9) http://i.imgur.com/1DPKcwe.jpg
  5. Thanks for the updates! New Born 2.0: first (intro) tone is WAAY too loud, and the other tone (used for the majority of the song) is too quiet. Can you lower the volume of the first and either lower the volume of the song or bump up the tone's volume? Also, it doesn't seem like the EoF file is set to Drop D because the final Em chord is labeled as some weird chord over an F#. Darkshines 3.0: Amazing work with that solo tone! Spot on! However, it sounds like there's some vibrato on those held notes, but the notes aren't charted with vibrato? Can that be fixed?
  6. Minor nitpicking, but Apocalypse Please's bass chart is in Drop D when it should be in E standard. You can also watch Chris play that last note (F#) at Wembly at see it's the second fret, not the fourth. In addition, Shrinking Universe's bass chart is in Drop D when it should be E standard. After the slides, it sounds like the open string rings out, but D doesn't sound right. E, being a fifth (instead of a fourth like D is) would be more consonant. Other than that, great work!
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    I'll see if I can :)
  8. 5urd

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    Dream Theater - Images and Words Pull Me Under (official DLC)Another DayTake the Time (in progress)SurroundedMetropolis, Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper (official DLC)Under a Glass Moon (in progress)Wait for SleepLearning to Live
  9. Completed bass arrangement on Fillip. It's v0.1b now, but I'm working on it. http://customsforge.com/topic/2602-fillip/
  10. I'm working on Fillip (Showbiz) and Follow Me (The 2nd Law).
  11. I like music.

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