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No way it sounds well, since dammed windows 10



I was very happy with this great game, because allowed me to enyoy and learn at the same time.


However, since I intalled windows 10, everything has come down.


It,s horrible for sound and drivers. W10 treat to take control of everything and it makes changes where it wants.


Before writing this post I´ve been reading and trying all that I´ve found here and in all the web.


-reinstall clean w10

-reinstall drivers

-reinstall rocksmith

-everything about changing configuration in the program and in advanced mode

-reinstalling realtek, nvidia, etc...


Now the music sound good, but, there´s a horrible noise playing.


4 months triying everything, all my time dedicated to it.....it´s too much.


Help!! please

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it's Not windows 10, I've run rs off a laptop and desktop both running windows 10.

I'm guessing it's something in your setup. you will need to test your setup and determine the cause.
my setup: i'm using sound over hdmi from my video card to my bedroom tv.


it could be a cabling issue.  do you get noise with anything else?  have another device you can install it on? a laptop or something?

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Thanks for your requests


1- It was 6 months ago, when i upgraded to w10. Now,  I haven't the all copy of my w7.


2- My computer is a desktop, uses realtek. Its not a wire problem because Ive the same problem in all the other speakers.

They sound, but sometimes with strange noises. In rocksmith. the music soud more or less, but the guitar...


3- Yesterday I tried buying a program called "driver easy" that actuallize all drivers, but the problem remains...


Im thinking on backing to w7, because 6 month are too much. :(

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