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Lyrics not showing in RS after adding in EOF

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I have a CDLC created, and everything is working as expected except for the lyrics.


I added them in EOF, (used the import file option for lyrics, time coded properly) and can see then on the piano roll there when I play the track, but after going through wwise and then RST and compiling the .psarc file, everything works except for the lyrics.


Any suggestions on what I could be missing to make this work, or what extra info / screenshots could I provide that would help diagnose the issue?






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None of the lyrics appear in-game?  You added the lyrics XML file with the instrument arrangements when you created the custom song in the toolkit, right?  If you import the lyrics XML into another EOF instance, do they look correct?

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Ah, a missed step!  I did not add an XML file to the arrangements.


What I did was import a lyrics .lrc file into EOF, but nothing else.  Would a XML file be generated by EOF, or do I nered to manually conver the LRC file to one?


Cheers, and thanks!


(Ok, went back and found the XML, added it, and Lyrics now show!  Most excellent!)

As a follow up, my lyrics just show the whole line, do I need to have a LRC file that has a timecode per word to have the display show the words as they are sung?


Thanks again!

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Glad you got it sorted out.


LRC doesn't allow for syncing with per-word or per-syllable precision, but extended LRC does.  You can look for another lyric file, create one (ie. with a suitable UltraStar lyric editing program) or edit the existing lyrics in EOF.  EOF doesn't have very much functionality in terms of editing lyrics compared to other programs that specialize in that, but you can use the "Note>Lyrics>Split lyrics" function to get started.  What this does for selected lyric(s) is that it will split it up based on how many words it detects in the lyric (ie. letters separated by spaces).  Then you could change the position and length of the words as appropriate.

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