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Work In Progress - 



Theory of A Deadman - So Happy

Rammstein - Du Reichst So Gut

Rammstein - Te Quiero Puta

Rammstein - Mann Gaegan Mann


Planned - 


Amaranthe - Call Out My Name

Amaranthe - The Nexus

Amaranthe - All About Me

Blood Stain Child - Freedom

Blood Stain Child - Final Sky

Breaking Benjamin - Into The Nothing

Delain - The Gathering

Delain - Stay Forever

Epica - Mence of Vanity

Epica - Never Enough

Our Lady Peace - Innocent

Sum 41 - Bitter End

Sum 41 - Angels With Dirty Faces

Sum 41 - Heart Attack

Sum 41 - Im Not The One

Sum 41 - No Solution

Sum 41 - Open Your Eyes

Sum 41 - Pieces

Sum 41 - Were All To Blame

Sum 41 - Hell Song

The Agonist - Waiting Out The Winter

Theory of a Deadman - Make up your mind

Theory of a Deadman - All or Nothing

Theory of a Deadman - By The Way

Theory of a Deadman - Nothing Could Come Between Us

Theory of a Deadman - Point To Prove

Theory of a Deadman - Save The Best For Last

Theory of a Deadman - Hate My Life

Within Temptation - Its The Fear


Finished - 


Amaranthe - Burn With Me

Blood Stain Child - Sirius Vi

Blood Stain Child - Stargazer

Hail The Villain - Take Back The Fear

Hey Ocean! - Maps

Hey Ocean! - Islands

JoJo - Leave (Get Out)

Mother Mother - Hayloft

Rammstein - Pussy

Sum 41 - No Reason

Sum 41 - Handle This

Tatu - All The Things She Said

The Agonist - Thank You Pain

Theory of a Deadman - Bad Girlfriend

Theory of a Deadman - Lowlife

Theory of a Deadman - Hurricane

Theory of a Deadman - In The Middle

Theory of a Deadman - The Last Song

Trigun - Trigun Theme

hello I Might you make custom heroes silent-hero of legend?

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http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/center-of-the-universe-r5540I just spent the weekend learning cause i got fed up of waiting for kamelot songs, so i decided to make center of the universe on my own using the great tutorial available.If i would of known kamelot songs were already planned i would not of invested so much time learning, and i don't know what songs you plan to make shark and i ain't gonna tell you not to make your version of center of the universe. There are other kamelot songs i would like to make, so i will contact you before i make more.

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