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move the track or the guitar pro ?


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There are some tutorials around on this topic. To summarize, the process is usually to create a project, import a Guitar Pro file, enable the waveform graph (F5), enable the metronome (m) and move the beat markers (displayed as arrows --> ) to line up the metronome ticks that sound off during chart playback (spacebar) with the beat of the song (often the drummer). The instruments in the song will be reflected somewhat by the waveform graph, but the most noticeable effect will be that the snare drum will appear as regular spikes in the graph, and the beat lines generally line up with the beginning of these spikes. When the chart is "beat synced", you'll hear the metronome tick play at the same time as (or very close to) the drummer's snare drum, bass drum, etc. You can optionally enable claps © to allow sounds to play when notes are reached during playback to ensure they are placed correctly and claps occur where the instruments are heard in the song's audio.

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thank for the answer


i think i didnt use the good word sorry i'm not speaking english...


i read and watch some tutorial  for making CDLC... and i read all the tutorial section in EOF


but no one talk about my problem



i need to relocated all the track to fit with the BPM bar..... .8 sec exatly



and on the second one i need to relocated all the guitar pro note 3.5 second later



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