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Stoopid Windows

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So, MicroSoft has gone and done it to us again... or at least me...  :unsure:


Last night there was an update to Windows 10, afterwhich RST freezes.  Whenever I run RST it opens fine, but as soon as I click a button, like to add a tone, or even any of the menu items at the top - File, About, Config, the program freezes.  I downloaded a fresh version and it performs fine.


I can't send a log file, as it is not generating one, there is no exception error message.


Is anyone else encountering this issue?


Thanks for your help,


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So you knew it, why didn't you stay with win 8.1.

You were probably asked a hundred times, and then one day it happened-

It upgraded automatically. 

And Microsoft never said that they would remove parental control, and my kids happily upgraded to win10.

I'm just telling this because of your topic title, in case users don't know.

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