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Need your opinion gents!


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Hey, everyone! I'm thinking of buying a new electric guitar, I have a budget of about 850$. Personally, I am a metal head and I want to get a guitar that reflects that taste of music. I'm torn between either Jackson or Ibanez (also there is a 7-String PRS SE Custom I came across while looking around which I really liked). What do you guys think? What should I get? (Oh and I'm considering Orange or Blackstar regarding amps.)

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What kind of metal? It's probably the broadest genre insofar as types of guitars. 


Although what I usually recommend to people is to buy something very simple and well made (so it's as easy to play as possible) then when you are good enough to need any additional bells and whistles, you'll know what you want. (Can do this well under $200 for the guitar, maybe $50 for the amp, used.)


But if you insist on getting something high end to start with, I'd say go with a guitar made by the same manufacturer as whoever you want to sound like the most. If it's A7X, that's Schecter. If you like Slayer and more thrash metal, then ESP/LTD. But generally speaking, a lot of the sound of various groups, does come from their instruments, particularly certain brands.


So, tl:dr version. Buy the brand of the group(s) you really like. Start with the 'bottom end' and after a year or three, you'll know well enough what you want. 

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ESP LTD MH-1000!!!!



google that also the James Hetfield (Metallica) EC-1000!!!

Theyre amazing guitars for the price..



If it were me.  Id get Mark. Holcombs Signature PRS. SE 24..  A

With Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega pick ups.... 


Personally id be happy with any of them.  but I have an ESP LTD MH100 QMNT.  Thats why I want the PRS.  But for Metal go ESP, PRS, or Schecter.



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I'm gonna save you a lot of cash and heartache

take your amp and a pedal, to the guitar shop and try as many guitars out as possible, if you find a good one but with the view that it just needs...this that and other doing, walk away try another guitar shop, try another guitar.


Firstly no 2 guitars are the same, even if the are same model same year

so don't be scared to try lots and lots of guitars even if they are the same models


when you find 'the one' even if it's not what your expecting it to be, buy it (or live in regret).


Honestly if you get 'the right guitar' then that constant nagging feeling just goes away

I've ended up with 5 guitars and gone through 7 amps before I finally broke the cycle and didn't care if i was annoying shop staff or any associated embarrassment.


I've ended up with a Mex strat+ and a blackstar ID TVP 30 (both which items I'd been prepared to pay up £1k+ for the right items) which are my goto combo (plus a few pedals), but in getting these 2 i tried out alot of kit over and over again which involved visiting various shops over a 6 month period, until i found each of them.


Also when you find a guitar or amp, make sure you get the ones you played not the ones from stock room.


Since finding my combo my all consuming gear compulsion has just gone away, don't end up like Scot Grove etc. with a warehouse full of nearly guitars and a constant itch at the back of your mind that the next one will be the one.

All the reviews and suggestions and youtube clips are not even in the same league as taking your gear to the shop and just trying everything out and not being worried about walking away without making a purchase

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