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Can I manually edit CDLC difficulty?



Good morning, all! 


I am new to RS2014 and CDLCs but that has not stopped me from downloading quite a few songs. I think that CDLC is amazing and I'm really excited to join this community. 


I'm also a novice to intermediate guitar player at best, and I have a question about CDLCs with dynamic difficulty. 


I understand these are all user generated, and I expect anything that is basically a hack of the game to have some kind of issues, so I totally understand how these songs that have dynamic difficulty can sometimes not... curve out quite right.  


I have a few CDLCs that have a verse which, when turned down to 0 difficulty through the riff repeater, are easy enough to follow for a novice like myself, but then when it gets to the solo it defaults to almost the entire solo. Some songs, even when set to their lowest level, are still pretty close to the full song. 


I know the riff repeater can be used to slow these riffs down, but even this can be an awful lot to chew one and takes away the fun of playing through the songs in the progression mode one can do with official tracks. 


Is it possible to manually edit or change the difficulty scaling? There are quite a few songs that I would really love to learn, but when they are set to the most basic difficulty and I am struggling to keep up, there must be a way to tune them so that I can get more comfortable with the basics of the song. It becomes rather discouraging otherwise. 


Any assistance here is appreciated! 


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DD in most CDLC is added via a tool that is integrated into the RocksmithToolkitGUI, it uses some logic to create the DD levels - but will never be as "good" as the manual way that official content is made.


It is also reliant on the person creating the track, to do the right thing - create proper sections etc.


The DDC (Dynamic Difficulty Creator) tool has been updated many times during the life of CustomsForge however, so some older tracks may have had DD added using an older version that simply isn't a good as the current versions. 


One thing you could try - is getting the toolkit (https://www.rscustom.net/) importing the tracks that seem worse than others and try re-doing the DD on them. It might make them better, it might not. There are a few options when applying DD that you may want to experiment with.

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