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Does anyone use IK Multimedia products like Amplitube?


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The product has peaked my interest because I'm never going to own a lot of gear.  I'm at the point in life where guitar is just fun for me and I have no aspirations of playing in a band or anything like that, I'm 45 for crying out loud, I can't stay up that late!


I do find it I feel I'm missing something when the single little amp I have just isn't versatile enough to create all the tones I would like since I really have a broad range of music I like to play around with.


I can't expect one amp to get me from Bob Dylan to Slash, right?  I have been thinking about an amp modeler and read a little about he Amplitube products and it seems, seems, that this might be something to fit the bill for me.  Throw in the fact they have a piece of software dedicated just to Slash and I think I might give it a go.


Anyone use it? 

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I use and like it. Not often nowadays but back when it was new (version 1 & 2) I used it very much. Both for playing for myself and recording tracks. It sounds pretty good, is very versatile and a lot better than the small amps I had available.

I think you will have to get a sound card, if you dont already have it, that uses ASIO drivers to get the best sound.

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You very well can expect one amp to get you from whatever you're thinking of to whatever other thing you're thinking of. Mesa, for example, offers some amps, rather large that can switch tubes for various such actions. There are also other ways like using EQs / processors with tube amps for that.

Get yourself a nice Fender Super-Sonic 22W head or something, then stick it to something along the lines of a 1x12 Recto cab, Philip McKnight of KnowYourGear from YouTube has this setup and everybody agree that it kicks ass.

I also own the 60W of that amp and it's a pretty nice product indeed, however I have mine stuck to a PRS Sweet 2x12 cab so I get more oomph, and I'm also planning to switch it for its 100W version in the future. I hate virtual / digital amplification.

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