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Anyone to test a Mogwai song (Hunted by a freak)


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link here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6wQt_8rv8a7djZMa05UQlQ5QXM/edit?usp=sharing


it's bass and guitar, if anyone has the lyrics, please :mrgreen:


I love this song, they call that genre 'post rock' oh well


my poor skills of noob guitar player making CDLC instead of practicing don't really allow me to rate the tab, and this song i had to tweak the notes a little, so please, if you could gimme feedback about tab, tones volume, for guitar, but also for bass (the bass part has some slides that i don't know about)


oh, the video :


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Hey opensec

Very cool song!! Interesting and fun on both bass and guitar.

Bass: Bass should be a bit louder. The tone is fine and the chart is good, including the slides and the two-note sets. When it goes from the 5th fret on the A (yellow) to the 7th on the D (blue) it sounds a little off sometimes, but I can't put my finger on what's going on there. Could just be me.


Guitar: Tone is a tad too echoey. The song is a bit echoey, but not that much. Chart, as far as I could tell on a couple of playthroughs at 100% seems good, but I certainly wasn't hitting 100%. It certainly has the feel down and there weren't any obvious clunkers. A better guitar player than me might be more helpful.


Oh, and there's a bit too much quiet lead time before the song starts up.


In summary: Very nice job on a cool song. I especially enjoyed the bass, as that's my main thing.

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For the love of god, people, no bitching/whining/complaining. If you don't like something, either state it constructively...or keep it to yourself.


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Thank you Joe, The silence at the beginning of the song is not really silence, the fade in takes forever, I would feel bad cutting it off.

I will correct the guitar tone and bass volume.


for the bass, some slides were starting at 0/..., you know, not sure how rs2014 handle that... ?

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