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DD not working on Dwnloaded cdlc or after using DDC in Toolkit

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Title says it all. The CDLC I download all show DD enabled in description, but when I try to play them they all play at max lvl. 


Tried to take one and run thru Toolkits DDC. I open file via add in DDC, then set options at ddc-8-max-lvls and phrase lengthat 4. Then hit Generate DDC, it does so and I see it in DLC file in RS 2014.

I then remove old file (non DD file). Try to run in RS and it also plays at max lvl.


I know I must be missing something, any help would be appreciated

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How does the bars at the top that indicate the difficulty looks like?


Can you actually give us a link to some CDLC that does that?


If the description is wrong we can change it but we can't check all the CDLC that are uploaded so if you can report those case we can correct them for everyone benefit!

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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