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A couple questions

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So I've been stuck on a lesson. Power chords. 


My index and ring finger don't like being stretched apart. So what I've been doing is going through the past lessons and hitting power chords for a little and then going to play some songs since its fun . 


My question is how do you do the power chords? The lesson teaches you a couple and then when you do the song it adds two different ones that I've never seen! THe learning curve it seems is going up quick!


Second, I want some different songs to play like some radiohead or pink floyd and was going to get some from here. My thing is will it still be adapted to my beginner level or are all of the notes on from the get go? Like does it do its adaptive songs even if its a custom song from here?


I don't know if this makes sense. 

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RS throw at you different power chord quickly cause the shape is always the same and you should only concentrate on the shape not the position on the fretboard and there's no better way to force this than by moving you a bit around. It might seems more difficult at first but it's god damn important in the long run to be able to move around easily while keeping the power chord shape.


About Dynamic Difficulty and CDLC, some have it, some don't but if you are only looking for learning i would suggest to keep away from CDLC with high difficulty cause DD in CDLC is 99.99% not practical from a learning stand point because of the way it has been created.

Firekorn's workshop
In Flames Discography


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i also a beginner myself, from my experience with Rocksmith and CDLC's I tell you to practice with the original RS songs... CDLC's with Dynamic Difficulty are awesome, but they are not necessarily supposed to help you how to learn power chords or other guitar techniques.


I started learning powerchords by playing with 2 fingers (index+ringfinger)...after a while adding the pinky as well came kinda naturally :)

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