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EOF Not Syncing with Playback

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So I've been trying to use EoF and it the waveform graph and spectrogram both keep getting out of sync with the song.  This makes it impossible to sync to a beat.  It's becoming really frustrating, and it took me a while to feel confident that this was the problem because this is my first CDLC I'm making.  It is the problem though.  So I don't know what to sync markers to because I never know whether the image is going to line up with the sound.  It can show that my beat syncing is perfect when in fact, it's a whole half beat off!


I really don't know what to do about it.  I can't go on like this.

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The video can become desynced during playback if your computer stutters.  There is nothing that can be done to prevent this from happening.  You can't move beat markers while the chart is playing anyways, you'd always have to pause it first and the graphs will usually indicate how the sync correction needs to be made.  Checking your sync at the end using the metronome sound cue is recommended.

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As raynebc says it cannot be helped.  I've got a pretty decent rig that can zip through modern games, and I have to stop/start every so often.


Trust the visuals when syncing.  If you are making modern metal type music where the audio graph is basically a rectangle then using visuals can be difficult, but usually in most songs there are clear places on the audio graph where drums are hitting (usually snares), choruses are kicking in/ending, solos begin and lots of other visual cues.


Or, as raynebc also says, you will be hitting the space bar constantly anyway to drag beat markers about.  Then the audio/visuals will stay in relatively good sync.


I'm so used to it now I hardly notice (or simply don't worry), but I always rely more on where the beat markers are in relation to the audio graph rather than the actual audio.

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I'm here with the same exact issue. As the song's playing back, the video slowly starts falling out of sync and I have to stop and restart it for it to catch up again. The metronome and claps are still perfectly lining up with the song, but what I'm actually looking at is kind of moving faster than the audio is (I'm seeing the notes hit earlier than I'm hearing them.) My computer rig is definitely on the higher-end side, and I'm not noticing any stuttering, but it might be on a really micro-scale anyway so I'm not sure if that matters. (I have a habit of leaving bandicam up, it's constantly at 100 during playback. Not really accurate but it should give me an idea if there's stuttering going on I guess? I wouldn't know.)


It's annoying when I'm looking over the note-tracking and want to get a little runthrough of the song before I export it to have to keep stopping and starting (especially when some of the songs are pushing ten minutes.) I've tried turning on and off Vsync in the settings thinking that might be an issue, but doesn't seem to help. I'll keep experimenting but if anyone comes across something that might help, feel free to share.


I don't think I always had this issue either on this rig. I upgraded to a 144hz monitor in the past, wondering if that might have anything to do with it.

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Newer end hardware may possibly just not get handled so well by the version of Allegro (a game development library) EOF uses. How long does it take for the chart to become really visually out of sync (ie. a beat or more) during playback?


For me, personally, it seems like a gradual thing, but it's getting noticeable at about 30 seconds of continuous playback. By about 60-90 seconds it's very out of sync. I can't speak for the OP but I think we're experiencing something similar here. My video seems to be going slightly faster than the audio. 


Edit: Changing my monitor to 60hz and having vsync enabled in EoF didn't seem to help. It's weird, after about 2 minutes of playback the song's over an entire second off sync until I have to pause and unpause it. I mean, it's not a huge deal but if it can be fixed somehow, that'd be awesome. It's the only issue I've ever had with EoF.

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