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Hello folks,

Using this to keep updated what I'm working on, how soon it will be ready for release, take requests, get input/feedback, etc.

Current Works in Progress:

Crosby, Stills, & Nash, Southern Cross


Jethro Tull, Up to Me

Completed Works:


DioDon't Talk to Strangers

James Taylor, Fire and Rain - Will be adding the bass to this, hopefully...it's a double, bowed bass, and I haven't quite figured out what to do with it. Will be cleaning up the beginning of the song, too.

Iced Earth, Waterloo


Indigo Girls: Closer to Fine





Future Projects:

Alan Parson's Project: Sirius and Eye in the Sky - Will include the lead guitar at the end of the song. May do a live version to get the whole thing in before it fades out.

Alan Parson's Project: Games People Play

Black Sabbath: Die Young, Voodoo

Fiddle Fever: Ashokan Farewell (Thematic music from Ken Burn's "The Civil War")

Indigo Girls:  Nashville

Jethro Tull: Rocks on the Road, One White Duck, Quizz Kid, Elegy, Dun Ringill, Farm on the Freeway- I have to transcribe RotR...doing the live version from "A Little Light Music" and have to transcribe Quizz Kid. Have to check on the quality of the tabs I have for Elegy and Dun Ringill. Moved FotF here from in progress.

EDIT: March 18, 2014 Abandoned Farm on the Freeway for awhile. Will get back to that one later.

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Indigo Girls, yay!


I was hoping to do one of Crazy Game with all those nutty impossible chords (at least trying to learn it by ear), but I haven't found any tabs. May have to break down and buy a songbook if there is one.


The guitar solo in Land of Canaan always sounded like fun.

Words of wisdom for CDLC charters:


"When in doubt, steal a tone from Kansas' Carry On Wayward Son"


- Billkwando


Download my L'Arc~en~Ciel Ken "Love Driver Cat" custom Inlays here

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@@Billkwando Love the Indigo Girls...going to be seeing them in Columbus with the Columbus Orchestra on April 26th, and can't wait to see them again.


I'm doing both of them from the a Cherry Lane published book that has the arrangements from 12,000 Curfews.  It's a huge help, even some tips from Amy and Emily on how to play each song.




@@Aludog Ha! And I thought I was the only APP fan left!  Tell me you're a King Crimson fan, too.

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Don't Talk is almost done. Lead track will be a combo Lead/Rhythm, Rhythm is just the Rhythm track, bass and vocals. I'll include the Lead track alone as a bonus arrangement. After release tomorrow, I'll start working on the DD tracks and adding arpeggios.


Also updating Fire and Rain tomorrow with initial few measures fixed.

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